what is https and benefits of https

What is HTTPS? And Benefits

June 26, 2020

HTTPS offers your website extra safety and protection. As most of the websites have moved to HTTPS, more of your traffics will expect your site to use it too.

What is HTTPS?

All of us are more or less familiar with the HTTP part of a URL, but less number of us is familiar with HTTPS and the reason behind we use it. That additional ’s’ stands for secure.

Technically this means the website uses a protocol called transport layer security (TLS) to encrypt information going between the site and the user’s computer.

That translates that if an attacker tries to get into this information, they can’t read or modify it.

What HTTPS looks like in a browser

You can tell when a website’s information is encrypted by looking at the address bar at the top of your browser. Depending on which browser you use, there may be a green padlock on the left or right of the address bar, and often the word ‘secure’ next to it. It’s important to note that this means that your connection with the website is secure, rather than the website itself.

If you are a website owner the major benefits of using HTTPS

There are numerous benefits to adding HTTPS to your website, and it doesn’t cost huge to implement.

Green Padlock adds Trust in your website

The audiences now familiar with that, a website with a green padlock is more reliable than one without. It helps you increase your brand reputation and shows your potential customers that you are really concerned about the site security.

Better search ranking

Search engines include the use of HTTPS as a factor when they’re ranking your website in search results. This means that using HTTPS gives your website a boost in search results over similar sites that don’t.

Implementing HTTPS

To enable https to your website you’ll need a digital certificate, called a TLS certificate. It’s sometimes called an SSL certificate too.

If you have technical support staff, talk with them about moving to HTTPS. If not get in touch with us and get best services to manage your website, we can deliver you all in one IT services.

Notes: However, some scammers take advantage of this by adding HTTPS to their website, to make it seem more legitimate. Remember that the green padlock shows that information is sent securely between the site and your computer. It doesn’t mean that the website is safe.