Top Tips Before formatting the PC

Tips to Consider before formatting your PC

September 14, 2020

Formatting a pc is actually formatting the hard disk. The reason of formatting the pc is to remove its useless data. Formatting your pc is better than just deleting a particular file. Formatting a pc is the only way to get it working. Formatting the system removes all the files and errors and restores the computer to a fresh version. By formatting a pc the user can use a fresh system.

Some things you should do before formatting your pc are:-

  1. Backing up your pc: – Backing up your pc secures your data to be used after formatting your pc. The reason to back up your pc before formatting is to save your important files from a system crash or a hard drive failure. It is better to conserve your files in an external hard drive.

  2. Save your product key and serial keys: – Saving your product key is important; we often forget to save that, without the product key it’s considered as a pirated version.

  1. Copy your operating system and drivers: – You should copy your original operating system because without an operating system every gadget is obsolete and unable to run. You should also copy your drive because without your drive the pc gets virtually useless and finding each driver can take a long time.

The above-mentioned points are very important to consider. Looking for more information? Regarding, the steps to be taken before formatting your pc.
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