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Spyware is always spying on you!!

March 23, 2022

Typically, spyware originates in three ways.

Mainly it enters your computer when we install freeware or shareware program. Usually, these programs are embedded, attached, or bundled with these free software without the user’s knowledge.  

Once installed, the spyware starts collecting user private data and information for the spyware author’s personal use or to sell to any other third party.

Be careful of many free P2P file-sharing programs. They are known for downloads that posses spyware programs.


What Can Spyware Programs Do?

Spyware can easily perform several malicious activities.

Spyware can:

  • Record your keystrokes for reporting purposes (even your passwords).
  • Monitor each and every file located on your hard drive.
  • Spy through the software on our PC.
  • Install other multiple Spywares
  • Spy through your browser and the sites you visit.
  • Steal credit card numbers, passwords, and other credentials.
  • Change settings of your internet browser


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