Is Private Browsing or Incognito Really Safe?

Is Private Browsing or Incognito Really Safe?

August 7, 2020

There are many browsers available and all have the private browsing feature. Private-browsing capabilities are built into the Internet browsers you use every day, be Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. By using a private browsing session, you can keep your search history and other data somewhat secret.


How Private Browsing is not Safe


Keyloggers and Other Viruses

Incognito or Private surfing won’t defend you from a range of malicious files and software that could already be installed on your computer. The most common infection is something called spyware, which is usually installed without your knowledge. It can collect your personal data and even change your computer settings without your consent. One most sneaky type of spyware is keyloggers, captures every character you type, whether it’s an email or a skype conversation or you are purchasing something by entering your debit card and credit card details.


External network monitoring

It typically happens when you are not in front of your pc or outside of your home, your computer get used by the web via your Internet service provider, and then its requests are funneled through the server of the website you’re trying to access. You can be tracked at both of these points. Even private browser is not safe for such kind of malicious activities


Data theft via public networks

It is next to impossible to stay safe from hackers by using private browsers. It literally does nothing to keep your computer away from your neighborhood hacker from using a few simple tricks to gather your data when you use public Wi-Fi.  They can easily get into your system by is by setting up their own legitimate-looking public network and then let you enter their network and capture everything you do once you connect. They also use sniffing software that captures data that is transferring from or to any public router.


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