How to secure your home network

How to Secure your Home Network

February 10, 2022

Earlier, home networks were simple, where nothing more than a wireless access point and one\two computers were connected. But nowadays we connect more devices and use them extensively for more than just web browsing.

In the majority of cases, the devices on the home network are exposed to the websites without any strong protection such as a network firewall and\or proxy. It is very much likely that confidential data or bank information can be hacked or leaked from the device if the user might plug in the device with an unsecured home network 

Some steps to protect your Home Network

  • After you set up your network, change default router passwords to a difficult one and Wi-Fi router settings as soon as possible
  • Quickly change the name of your wireless network (Wifi Network name) as this is the name devices will see when they search for a connection. A unique SSID name will help you to classify your home network. Do not include any personal information to your SSID name.
  • Make sure only the devices of trustworthy people can connect to your home network encrypted by WPA 2 Wi-Fi network.
    WPA 2 requires a password to enter which considers more secure than the other wireless security protocol available for the Wi-Fi
  • Always make sure that you are using the strongest password by using tough combinations.

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