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Get familiar with these cyber security terminologies and phrases.

May 27, 2022



Phishing is a kind of social engineering, attackers use this method to steal sensitive information. They send suspicious messages/notifications which are made in such a way which can trick a person to share the personal details



Adware is software that shows annoying pop-up adverts which can be repeatedly shown on your computer or mobile device. The adware usually enters to devices by following ways

Installing a free computer program or app without understanding that it contains extra software that contains adware. 

Alternatively, this is also possible that your software or operating system is already attacked by hackers and they infused malware, including some types of adware, into your system.



This is a common term that is used to define programs that cybercriminals install on affected computers that are used to access or steal confidential information. It’s kind of a common term used to describe viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, and ransomware.



A Trojan horse is a type of malware. It makes up approximately 51.45 percent of all malware. A Trojan looks like it’s safe from the exterior but its coding makes it harmful.



Ransomware is a kind of malware that enters into of the devices of big corporations and locks users out of their accounts until a ransom has been paid. They usually attack big corporations, hospitals, schools, or even big infrastructures like water treatment plants. Ransomware is usually put in through phishing attacks. Read here – What is ransomware? And how to protect your pc from ransomware?



Encryption is a method that people use to lock their sensitive files in order to protect them from attackers, encrypted data can’t be read without entering the code.



Bots are automatic software that is programmed to perform specific tasks online. Some bots are good and used for ranking in search engine which crawls the web and lists the pages in search engines some bots are used for unauthorized attacks and suspicious activities.



A firewall is a sort of computer protection system that keeps hackers and malicious software out of your devices. They’re basically a boundary that keeps out suspicious traffic while allowing real traffic. A firewall is the vital part of a full suite defense system that keeps your business safe.



Spam, as most of us are familiar with, is unwanted junk mail that gets sent to most of our email addresses. These emails are often used as a mode to get access to your system. All you need to do is click on the wrong link and you can end up with an infected system. This threat is huge that’s why spam filters are strong and challenging. A lot of spam these days can look like real emails and clicking the wrong link is entirely too easy.

Read here how to recognize spam emails?



A virus is a harmful code that is programmed to perform malicious activities on devices of all sizes. Usually, viruses infect the file and delete them or they corrupt the file. Viruses can be installed in a number of ways, using means like phishing attacks on affected systems, but they can also duplicate themselves, so once a virus installs itself on one computer it can automatically spread to others easily.

Important:  If your system is infected by malware or viruses feel free to contact us anytime. Your business can be affected hugely if it stays in your system. We offer the best cyber security in Delaware.


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