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Penetration Tests

Simulating Real-World Attacks

Dennek’s penetration tests mimic techniques that real-world attackers use to compromise networks and data. Our ethical hackers exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems, just like malicious actors. The goal is to evaluate how well defenses detect and prevent unauthorized access. With penetration testing, Dennek uncovers flaws before they can be abused.
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penetration tests

Prioritizing Risks and Controls

Detailed reporting from Dennek’s penetration tests ranks findings by severity so you can focus on fixes with the biggest security impact first. We advise on tactical controls like network segmentation and patching as well as policy changes to strengthen defenses. Our guidance allows for smart security investments and risk mitigation.
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Strengthening Defenses Over Time

Penetration testing provides recurring value for Dennek’s clients. We re-test defenses after fixes to ensure vulnerabilities are properly addressed. New tests reveal new weaknesses as assets and threats evolve. With periodic penetration testing, Dennek helps you build robust, layered security protections over time.
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penetration testing

Don’t wait for a real breach to uncover flaws. Contact Dennek today to discuss penetration testing services that proactively improve the security of your systems.