How to Improve Wi-Fi Security

How to Improve Wi-Fi Security

July 17, 2020

Keep changing your router password

This is perhaps the most important step of all since routers are generally comes with a default password of “admin”. We have the habit to not change that default password which leads to hacking attempts, other criminal attempts.

To change the default password enter the IP typically it is then from the settings/security you can set up a hard to guess password.

Change your Wi-Fi Password

Changing your Wi-Fi password is as important as changing your router password

Leaving the password untouched from the one delivered with your router might enable annoying visitors to use your bandwidth or hack your Wi-Fi account. Change the W-Fi network name. If you leave your Router brand name and model number as it is, it becomes far easier to hack.

Change it any name but not your full name/address/contact number 

Restart the router and keep your software updated

Routers are under continuous attack when some disputes found in their security. Rebooting allows the manufacturer to install the latest software and repair the old lacking of the software.

Enable WPA2

The maximum of broadband routers has WPA 2 enabled by default. But we should not take a chance.  WPA2 Personal or WPA2-PSK is a secure protocol that makes it harder for hackers to enter your Wi-Fi network.

Antimalware and Anti-Virus

It is important to install Antivirus or anti Malware in order to make your Wi-Fi network threat free. There are few myths thatApple computers are threat proof, or that you can stay harmless simply by ignoring unidentified attachments.

Even many authentic-looking websites can drop viruses to your system and get information from any connected devices.

Turn off the wireless when you are not using it

To protect your network, we strongly suggest you switch off the Wi-Fi network, Do it with your all Ethernet Cable connected devices if you are going out for quite long

Create a firewall

Broadband routers usually have a firewall designed into their firmware, but it’s always helpful to double up on security.

Improving W-Fi Security is the first foremost thing you should do. If you want to know more about how to improve W-Fi Security, get in touch with us.