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Advanced Threat Solutions

Sophisticated Detection

Advanced persistent threats like targeted ransomware and state-sponsored attacks can evade standard security tools. Specialized threat detection leverages threat intelligence, behavior analysis and machine learning to identify tells of advanced malware. By spotting threats early, incident responders can contain damages before they spiral out of control. Detection tailored to your business discovers attacks that would fly under the radar.
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Advance Threat Solution
advanced threat solutions

Proactive Threat Hunting

Wait-and-see security is not enough for today’s advanced threats. Proactive threat hunting digs out attackers before they can do harm. Using threat intel and data analytics, hunters scour systems and network traffic for indicators of compromise. They uncover adversary activity in logs and endpoints that automated tools miss. Taking the initiative allows rapid response to kick attackers off your network quicker.
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Robust Intelligence

Effective threat detection hinges on timely, relevant threat intelligence. Consultants scour deep web forums, monitor hacker chatter and leverage shared intel to stay on top of attacker TTPs. They configure detection specifically for threats targeting your industry. With insight into the latest techniques, they can better recognize new variants of malware and emerging attack campaigns in your environment.
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advanced threat solutions

Don’t leave your business at the mercy of stealthy, advanced threats. Contact our experts today to discuss early detection and proactive threat hunting services.